Wireless Lighting Control

The two basic types of wireless mesh networks for lighting are (a) wireless extension to DALI and (b) general purpose - transparent to most lighting control protocols. These networks are mainly used for street and highway, outdoor, indoor and emergency types of smart lighting.

Wireless extension for DALI

A VEmesh network for DALI wireless extension comprises one Gateway and up to 64 Nodes - to fit the DALI standard. Each VEmesh Gateway can connect to a DALI Master, using standard DALI interface or optionally USB. A VEmesh Gateway transmits the DALI commands to the DALI device connected to its VEmesh network and receives the devices’ answers, all transparently and without wasting any DALI address for the Gateway or the Nodes.

A standard VEmesh Node for DALI wireless extension - Bridge Node - can connect to one or more (up to 64) DALI devices. The VEmesh Node receives the DALI commands transmitted by the Gateway and passes them to the DALI devices connected to it. It also handles the DALI replies to queries from all the devices in the opposite direction, all transparently and without requiring any DALI address of its own. This way it extends the DALI connectivity to areas that are inaccessible or expensive to wire.

Other types of VEmesh Nodes are the I/O Nodes, which can connect to up to 3 LEDs for driving them separately (on off, dimming) and for monitoring them by sending DALI commands to VEmesh DALI Gateway. The commands and answers are standard DALI and each LED is assigned one DALI address.

When multiple VEmesh networks need to operate next to each other for covering large areas, an appropriate provisioning process is used for assigning each DALI device to its appropriate Gateway.

Similarly to the other VEmesh products, Virtual Extension offers the Nodes' products either as VE209R IC mesh controllers or as VE209R powered modules. VE209R mesh controllers use Renesas' RL78/I1A MCUs dedicated to LED Lighting; they are paired with appropriate transceivers to form a wireless extension to DALI chipset. Virtual Extension offers also  customized mesh controllers and modules for highly-specialized or proprietary products and applications.

A dedicated Evaluation Kit for wireless extension to DALI is available for testing purpose. The Kit includes one Gateway and several Bridge Nodes; IO Nodes can also be included as appropriate.

Virtual Extension is member of DALI - a working party of ZVEI.

General Purpose family

VEmesh networks have been designed to be transparent to typical customers' protocols, such as those used for lighting control. VEmesh high performance networks eliminate most limitations of wireless networks, such as investment in network management, investment in specialized deployment and maintenance personnel, susceptibility to RF interference, limitation in number of nodes per network and limitation of range. A customer that wants to benefit from wireless advantages or lower cost of deployment only needs to replace the wires by VEmesh units.

Similarly to the other VEmesh products, when multiple VEmesh networks need to operate next to each other for covering large areas, an appropriate provisioning  process is used for assigning each Node to its appropriate Gateway.

A dedicated Evaluation Kit for Lighting is available for testing and integration purpose. The kit includes several standard VE209S nodes, a standard  USB gateway and dedicated lighting control demo hardware and software.

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