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Welcome to Virtual Extension

Virtual Extension develops and markets high performance Wireless Mesh Network solutions for use in all types of lighting control, smart metering, wireless sensor networks, and similar industrial, security and automotive applications requiring robust and fully bi-directional networking capabilities.

A unique technology, VEmeshâ„¢ has been designed to obtain the best coverage and to have the farthest range and highest RF resiliency in its class. Virtual Extension provides both standard products and highly customized VEmesh networking solutions.
Wireless Sensor Networks Applications
Why is this technology so special?
  • Utilizes synchronized-flooding message propagation
  • Fully transparent bi-directional mesh networking
  • Unlimited nodes per network
  • Ultimate freedom in node mobility
  • Zero network management
  • Out-of-the-box networking solution with no additional development required
  • SLE Smart Lighting and Virtual Extension announce their cooperation more...
  • Wireless extension to DALI 2, with support for Constant Lighting, Application Controllers and more...
  • Virtual Extension showcases its wireless controlled smart lighting solutions with IoT and extension to DALI at LuxLive 2015 trade show in London, UK.


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