• Thousands of luminaires per network

    Retrofit or New. Citywide scalability. Luminaries and Sensors. DALI option. Fast deployment. That’s VEmesh wireless with cloud based smart light control

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  • Industrial Strength Lighting Control

    VEmesh, because robustness and resilience
    matter in the industrial environment.
    DALI option for interchangeability

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    Lighting Merchandise Areas
  • DALI or IoT Lighting Control

    DALI for interchangeability, IoT for cloud management of thousands of luminaires – that’s advanced Lighting Control from VEmesh

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  • VEmesh High Performance Networks

    Smart products, highest coverage, mature yet advanced technology

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Outdoor Lighting Control

Retrofit to LED or new, IoT cloud control with your or our management, DALI or other controlled luminaires and sensors – thousands per VEmesh wireless network, internal antennas and affordable ownership.

Industrial Lighting Control

Space and time diversity for unmatched robustness, immediate response for safety, VEmesh offers DALI or IoT smart wireless lighting control – or any combination between them.

Office & Retail Lighting Control

Intelligent lighting control for efficient and comfortable lighting, use of DALI or IoT luminaires, sensors and controllers for ultimate productivity and cost saving.

Wireless Sensor Networks for IoT applications

Virtual Extension high performance VEmesh for IoT networks are been used in a variety of additional industrial, security and automotive applications requiring robust, resilient and bi-directional wireless mesh networking capabilities, such as smart metering – AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure).


November 17, 2015

Wireless extension support for DALI 2 …

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November 9, 2015

SLE and Virtual Extension collaborate for…

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Sept. 22-24 in Bregenz, Austria

And let us enlighten you with our innovative DALI 2 and IoT lighting control, demonstrated and explained there.

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February 23, 2016Hybrid Wireless- PLC networks for IoT/M2M applications by Virtual Extension and gridCommRead More

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Latest News

November 17, 2015 – Wireless extension support for DALI 2 … Read More

November 9, 2015 – SLE and Virtual Extension collaborate for… Read More

VEmesh – an astonishing

Wireless Technology

Designed from scratch for a perfect fit to smart lighting and similar applications in need of high performance, the leading edge innovative VEmesh employs space, time and frequency diversity for unmatched wireless robustness, resiliency, throughput and range.

  • Unlimited Nodes and Hops per Network

    With numerous co-located networks, it enables cost-effective city-wide systems

  • Highest Robustness and Resiliency in class

    Because of its high built-in redundancy: in space, time and frequency

  • Lowest and most deterministic latency

    Only payload, with almost no overhead, for all lights turning on at once

  • Immediate deployment, no maintenance

    Eliminates the need to interrupt the network operation for adding, moving or removing nodes


for High Performance Smart Lighting Control

Wireless Extension to DALI (D2D)

A flexible solution for replacing any part of a new DALI deployment wiring by wireless, VEmesh D2D is an excellent choice to retrofit older lighting by a modern DALI based LED.

IoT Extension to DALI (E2D)

With thousands of luminaires and sensors per network and thousands of networks per system, customers love the robust, proven and secure VEmesh E2D smart lighting solution.

IoT Extension to Lighting (VEmesh)

Customers value VEmesh networks’ capability to address a practically unlimited number of nodes – luminaires and sensors – per network, as well as their robustness and resilience.


VEmesh Bridge


In a VEmesh high performance wireless network, the Bridge connects DALI or IoT drivers and sensors to the management system

VEmesh NEMA Bridge

NEMA Bridge

NEMA reliable Twist Lock connector is an excellent match to VEmesh high performance wireless network

VEmesh Module

VEmesh Module

Luminaire manufacturers integrate with VEmesh modules, for high performance wireless control

VEmesh Gateway TCP/IP


One Gateway with a practically unlimited number of Nodes can form a high performance wireless VEmesh network